Thursday, September 16, 2010

S.H.Raza sets another record in Indian Art

"Bharatiya Samaroh", S.H.Raza, 1998

S.H.Raza is currently the reigning king of the Indian Modern Art. His paintings seem to be a darling of investors in Indian and Asian art. His latest painting fetched an amount which is still unheard of for Indian art. Although his most expensvie painting was sold at $3 million.

Syed Haidar Raza, modern Indian painter, has fetched Rs 4.07 crore ($879,897)  for one of his earliest works "Bharatiya Samaroh" which topped the recent Saffronart's 2010 autumn online auction.

Held on September 9-10, the auction which offered a collection of 90 works by 43 modern and contemporary Indian artists, registered 70 percent sales grossing Rs 29 crores ($6,269,582), a tad short of the lowest total pre-sale estimate of Rs 29.5 crores ($6,377,687).

Influenced by European painters such as Cezanne, Van Gogh, Picasso and Gaugain, Raza had over the years created a style of his own. The "Bharatiya Samaroh", is one of his earliest and largest fractured geometric paintings which highlights distinct symbols in differently patterned squares coming together to form a whole construct.

His 1998 canvas fetched Rs 4.07 crore ($879,897) more than the expected higher estimate of Rs 3.72 crore ($8,042,373). Raza had previously in June this year set a world auction record for modern Indian art when his 1983 painting "Saurashtra" was sold at Christie's London for Rs 16,2387474.7 ($3,486,965).

It broke the previous record held by the master artist for "La Terre" which sold for Rs Rs 8.56 crore on June 30, 2008.