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Monday, February 11, 2013

Women of Indian Art

Here is another one in the series of profiling top Indian artists. The first one I created was about the top selling (auction) Modern Artists of India. The second one is solely dedicated to the talent and brilliant Women of Indian Art. Here is the introduction, behind which there behind the scenes profile of each of them. The profiles explain their idiosyncracies, their styles, the evolution of their careers, etc.

This feature is dedicated to the most accomplished and admirable women artists of India. Nowadays, women artist of India are treated on an equal platform with male artists, the respect given to the women artist are same..

This is however not always the case, back in the 40s, women were not put on the same pedestal as male artists, except for Amrita-Sher-gel who had her foreign descent and brazen attitude (& of course talent) to bolster her image among the artist community. It was in the 70s that the stature of women artists were elevated artist among the art community and patrons.

However, this feature portrays the women who made a difference in the art scene and were recognized for the art rather than gender. Great art has come out of the hands of women artists like Anjolie Ela Menon, Aprita Singh, Devayani Krishan , Asma Menon, Gogi Sarojpal and most famous of all Amrita Sher-gil.

Most of these artists had women subjects as their centre of inspiration – their portrayal of women were primarily to show the daily activities and travails they faced in society and there was no emphasis on sensuality of the subject. Many of them fought tradition to follow their passion of the arts.

We will be featuring more women artist in due time. You can read in detail about each artists life, idiosyncrasies and events that made them where they are today.
Read their profiles here

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Guide to investing in art - How do I choose the right artist?

There are primarily 2 ways in which one could invest in Art:
1. Investing in individual pieces of art work similar to buying shares of a particular company or
2. Investing in an Art Fund which is similar to investing in a mutual fund, where there is no possession of the art work

This article discusses what we need to look for while investing in Individual artists and artworks.

Like the stock market, there are some key attributes that you should be aware of before buying an artwork. The artist is the brand (like a company) and the products are the artworks he produces, therefore it is pertinent that one invests in a good artist. How to judge whether an artist is good? Here is a check list of factors that you can use:

1. How famous is the artist? – A little bit of research will let you know who the well bought artists are, who the emerging artists are and the ones that are promising starters. You need to make the decision between these different categories of artists. For the very famous ones, your budget needs to be higher than for a promising star, which may have high appreciation potential.

2. What is the artist’s training background, is he/she from a famous art school? – did he/she train under a famous artist? – Most galleries have a bias against self-taught artists (the artists who do not have a formal education), but this doesn’t mean there are no talented self taught artists – MF Hussain, Bhupen Khakhar are the most prominent ones.

3. How many shows or exhibitions has the artist done in the past and in which galleries? – The more the better, since galleries only host artists that they think will sell well.

4. How long has the artist been painting? - The longer the better, as style and technique matures over the years, with experience.

5. The number of awards and accolades won by the artist – Awards and accolades given by recognized national and international art institutions.

6. The workshops and other learning events attended – Workshops help an artist learn and grow in creativity, technique and outlook.

7. The number of international shows exhibitions – International shows and exhibitions proves that the artist is not only a good artist but also a good PR person, which is important to sell art.

8. Find out whether reputed art institutions like museums, organizations have the artist’s work in their collection.

9. Does the artist have a unique style – This can be found from reviews written on the artist or by comparing his works to others

10. But the most important question is DO YOU LIKE THE ARTWORK, because it will be hanging on your wall for sometime.
The above checklist should help you select a good artist for the purpose of investment.


• It is best to acquaint yourself with the art scene before making a decision to purchase a piece. It is advisable to visit art shows, galleries and use the internet to read reviews and article on art.

•All galleries have artist biographies on their websites, which provide most of the information needed as above. Some sample biographies :
o CF John / Asma Menon / Yashwant Shirwadkar

• In the event of purchasing, please make sure to get an authenticity certificate – preferably from the artist himself.

Happy Art Investing !

Above : An untitled portrait by TM Azis